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Transition Out

Transition Strategies

Discover Transition Strategies that Let You Build Financial Freedom While Working as Much or as Little as You Want


Is your transition specialist trying to get you the highest price for your practice... or are they just trying to sell it as fast as they can so they can get their commission and move on?

Many “transition specialists” are just business brokers who want you to get out of the

practice in a year or less, so they can get paid their commission. As a result, the dentists

they work with frequently:

1. Sell their practice for less than one-half of the price they could have gotten for it.

2. Sell to the wrong DSO, which prioritizes profit above patient care and the well-being of

your staff. This hurts the quality of your service, your patients’ oral and overall health, and

your staff’s morale, since they may not want to work for a practice that no longer puts its

patients first.


3. Lose the keys to their financial freedom, and subsequently end up working for a business they used to own, long after they had planned to stop working.

4. Find that their practice loses patients after they leave, because the patients don’t know or trust the new dentist.

Our Un-DSO transition specialists help you to more than double the profit from selling your practice, and create lifelong financial freedom, so you can build a lasting legacy and enjoy the lifestyle you want.

When you work with an Un-DSO “Transition to Financial Freedom” specialist, you can choose how many hours you work each week, as well as how long you continue to work, whether it’s two years, five years, or even longer.                                                                       


You’ll also be able to mentor your associate and successor, and help them to become a        partner and business owner as they transition into an ownership position in your clinical    practice and Un-DSO business. That way, you can be sure that your staff, patients and legacy will be in good hands. 


Even after you stop working, you’ll still have secure sources of residual income, including a dentist-friendly hedge fund that is committed to returning to investors an average of 15% every year. 


Our Liberty Financial Freedom Formula   helps both the dentist transitioning out and the one transitioning in to own the keys to their financial freedom - namely, your business, real estate and bank - and we walk you through the process of setting those up, so you’re never left guessing about what to do next.

When you help your successor to transition into your practice with a clear path to financial freedom, not only will the future of your practice be more secure, but your successor will be 100% committed to helping you design and execute a transition plan that gives you the lifestyle and future you desire.


And it isn’t just about the dentists - your patients and staff will be happier, too!


This transition strategy gives your patients and team a chance to get to know the new dentist while you’re still there, so they’re more likely to stay with the practice after you leave.


If you’re ready to design and implement a transition strategy that gives you financial freedom and the lifestyle you want, click the button below to schedule a consultation with our dental transition specialists today!

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