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The Proven Transition Path that Creates Financial Freedom and a Lasting Legacy



When dentists sell their practice, it isn’t uncommon for them to end up working as an employee for a business they used to own.

If your practice generated $1 million in gross revenue last year and $250,000 in net earnings (EBITDA), you could probably sell the practice today for approximately $1 million.

For many people that isn't enough to retire on - and it does not protect them against other hazards that can destroy their financial future

If you’re planning to transition out of your dental practice, you MUST consider:

1. Collaborating with your accountant, financial planner, and attorney to make sure you

have enough savings or residual income to live on for the rest of your life after you sell your


2. Protecting your assets, so if you have a dispute that results in litigation, you will not have to

start all over again.


3. Collaborating with your junior partner to create a clear transition plan that enables both of you to live the lifestyle you want while ensuring that your staff and patients are in good hands.

Does your current transition plan include these important considerations? If not, let’s collaborate!

Our mission is to help you and your partners to achieve financial freedom and “Never Start Again”.

The Un-DSO can help you to transition out of your practice successfully, and protect your assets with a collaborative team of professionals, so you will never have to lose everything and start from scratch.

We also help you to ensure the future of your practice, patients and staff, so you will continue to help people for years to come and leave a lasting legacy.

Here’s how we help you achieve financial freedom:

With our transition and investment strategy, you can double your money in just 5 years WITHOUT increasing your workload.

Let’s use a dentist who has $1 million as an example.

Most banks pay less than 3% annual percentage yield (APY). Even if you use a higher-risk, higher-reward strategy, such as making hard-money loans to real estate investors, you aren’t likely to get more than an 8% interest rate, and your principal may be at risk.

If the value of the collateral declines and your borrower goes bankrupt, you could lose EVERYTHING! In that case, you may have to start over again!

At the 8% after-tax interest rate these risky strategies provide, your money will double in nine years.

We want you to get results faster than that, so we’ve developed a dentist-centric strategy with a hedge fund that is managed to give investors a 15% annual return.

Here’s what happens when your rate of return is 15%:

Year 1: $1,000,000 + 15% interest = $1,150,000
Year 2: $1,150,000 + 15% interest = $1,322,500
Year 3: $1,322,500 + 15% interest = $1,520,875
Year 4: $1,520,875 + 15% interest = $1,749,006
Year 5: $1,749,006 + 15% interest = $2,011,357

That 1 million dollars just doubled within 5 years! By the end of the

10th year, it could double again.

That means instead of having $2M at the end of nine years, you’ll have

$4M at the end of 10 years and enough passive recurring income to live

on for the rest of your life. That means you will make more money while

working less!

Here’s how it works:

When you sell your practice outright, you only get what it’s worth right now.



But if you transition out gradually, over the next 10 years, your money could double twice before you stopped working. That means you can retire on $4 million, whereas with only $1 million you might have to continue working for the rest of your life.

This process works in two steps:

Step 1: Before the capital event, our Un-DSO helps you to double your practice valuation from $1M to $2M.

Step 2: After the capital event, you can invest in our dentist-friendly hedge fund, which is managed to give investors a 15% annual ROI. That means you could double your money again over the next 5 years, and retire with over $4M.

If you kept that money in the hedge fund, you could live on more than $500k annually ($4M x 15% = $600k) without ever touching the principal ($4M).

Here’s how we help your patients, staff and successor:

When you transition out gradually, the buyer is able to work alongside you during the transition.

This gives your patients and staff a chance to get to know the new dentist before you transition out completely.

With a gradual transition strategy, you can help the new dentist to promote relationships with your existing teammates and patients, which makes it less likely that they will leave when you do. You will also have more time to mentor your successor, who will thus be better equipped to run your practice after you leave.

This transition strategy also gives you a larger pool of buyers, since you’re no longer restricted to buyers who can purchase the practice outright.                                                                                

And with a successor, a happy professional staff, and a growing patient base in place,      your practice will simply be worth more when you are ready to exit and cash out.

By transitioning in gradually, the new dentist is able to begin their journey to ownership      of the practice sooner, instead of having to wait until they saved enough money to buy        100% of the practice outright.

It also gives them a chance to learn about your business, and to work with us in order        to grow the practice and their revenue.

In addition, we help dentists to own their own Personal Liberty Bank, which enables            them to buy their Un-DSO business and real estate assets earlier in their career, thus        increasing their long-term income and accelerating their progress on the path to                financial freedom.


This Bank can help recent graduates to transform their debt from a liability to an asset,      and to more than double their net worth in less than half the time they thought it would      take.


Most people don’t even know that it’s POSSIBLE to own their own bank. But the good news is, it’s not only possible, but surprisingly easy and lucrative. You can set up this bank with very little work, NO prior experience, and a system that most people already either have or need.


This system works with your Liberty-certified life insurance broker to turn your liabilities into protected assets. Then it works with a dentist-friendly hedge fund to help you acquire and protect income-producing business and real estate assets, so you have secure sources of residual income.If you want to learn more about how this banking system works, visit our Personal Liberty Banking System page.


As you can see, the Un-DSO is committed to helping everyone involved to get the greatest possible benefit, every step of the way! Are you ready to create a transition path that quadruples your money, protects your staff and patients, and lets you live the lifestyle you want?


Our Un-DSO transition and financial freedom experts would be happy to help you! Just click the button below to access our scheduler and book your free consultation. We encourage you to include your office manager in this discussion, so they can help facilitate your transition into financial freedom and retirement.

Transition Out

Transition Out

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