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Legal and Financial Services

Our Legal and Financial Experts Can Help You Maximize and Protect Your Wealth


If you want to enjoy financial freedom, and leave a secure financial legacy for your loved ones after you pass, it’s important to make sure that your assets are protected and optimized.

We can help you maximize your after-tax income, and achieve and KEEP the financial freedom you deserve, by helping you choose the right legal and financial strategies that will protect your assets and enable you to grow those assets safely and securely.

These services may include:

1. Safeguarding your assets, so you can’t be financially devastated by a single lawsuit or other financial crisis.

2. Growing your assets in a safe, tax-free environment, far faster than you could by keeping them in a bank.

3. Getting rid of your student debt in a fraction of the time you thought it would take, so you can stop worrying about loan payments and focus on growing your wealth.

Scroll down to learn more about how we protect and increase your wealth:

Asset Protection:


Most dentists have malpractice insurance that covers them up to a policy limit of $1 million.  To many people, this sounds more than adequate... until they get sued for $2 million or more!


If you get sued for more than your policy covers, will your assets be protected from your creditors’ claims? Or is there a risk that tomorrow might bring a lawsuit or other financial crisis that could wipe out your personal wealth and destroy your family’s financial future?


It's happened to far too many people - including those who’d been told that their insurance would protect them, only to find out the hard way that it wouldn't!

For example, we have a doctor client who came to us after experiencing the 
harsh consequences of not protecting his assets properly.

He thought his $2 million in insurance would keep his finances safe. But when 
he got hit with a $10 million lawsuit and became personally liable for $8M, it was too late for him to protect his assets.

At the age of 60, he had to start rebuilding his finances from scratch, all because he hadn't protected his assets properly.

Most people live in a precarious state where their assets are completely unprotected, or where their protection plan is inadequate for their needs. Some buy insurance worth millions of dollars, only to get sued for millions more than their policy covers and end up getting wiped out like our doctor friend.

If you want to live with security and peace of mind, knowing that one lawsuit, medical crisis or other financial disaster won't destroy everything you've spent your life working to build, it's vital to have a knowledgeable team of advisers that you can rely on to protect your assets, lifestyle, legacy and family.

Every person who has a significant net worth, or who is working to create one, needs a comprehensive asset protection structure that provides a bulletproof defense for your assets.

This is especially important when you’re transitioning out of your practice, because when you sell your practice, your assets will be exposed! Because of this, asset protection is a vital part of your transition planning.

If you want to make sure that your wealth, lifestyle and legacy are safe, send a message to and we will schedule a time for us to discuss your asset protection options.

Personal Liberty Bank:                                                                              

Financial Freedom_edited.jpg

To create financial freedom, you need to own your own Business, Real estate and Bank.

Most people don’t even know that it’s POSSIBLE to own their own bank. But the good          news is, it’s not only possible, but surprisingly easy and lucrative.

The Un-DSO helps you use the Personal Liberty Banking System, which can serve as your own bank and the foundation of your asset protection plan.

This system works with your Liberty-certified life insurance broker to turn your liabilities  into protected assets. Then it works with a dentist-friendly hedge fund to help you acquire and protect income-producing business and real estate assets, so you have secure            sources of residual income.
If you want to learn more about how this banking system works, visit our Personal Liberty  Banking System page.

Student Debt Relief

If you graduated from dental school over the last 5 years, there is an 80% chance that you have at least $100,000 in debt, and a 30% chance that you have at least $300,000 in debt.

In most cases, those debts are not fully repaid until after the 8th year after you graduate from dental school. This significantly slows down most dentists’ journey to financial freedom, because it holds them back from acquiring their own practice and real estate.

The good news for you is, the Un-DSO provides a dentist-friendly hedge fund that works as part of your Personal Liberty Bank to help you grow your assets, by helping you to acquire a business (practice) and real estate far faster than you could by yourself.

The more money you have in your bank, the bigger a return you’ll get on that investment, the faster your net worth will increase, and the sooner you’ll be able to transition into your own practice and start executing your plan to achieve financial freedom.

On top of helping you to acquire more assets, Total Smile Protection provides new dentists with innovative systems for reducing or eliminating student debt.

In fact, our approved student debt reduction specialists can help you get out of

student loan debt in almost half the time it would normally take you!

There are many programs the government makes available to help those

struggling with student loan debt. You may even qualify for a student debt loan

forgiveness program, which can partly or completely wipe out your debt!

Even if you don’t qualify for loan forgiveness programs, our specialists can still

help you save years of payments and thousands of dollars’ worth of interest.

They are often able to get you a shorter loan term, a lower interest rate, and a

lower monthly payment, so you can get your loans paid off faster.

As we help you reduce your student loan debt, you will have more money to grow in your Personal Liberty Bank - which, in turn, will accelerate your progress on the path to financial freedom.


Click the button below to access our scheduler, and we’ll help you schedule a free consultation with a Student Loan Specialist so you can see what kind of help you qualify for.

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