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Joining A DSO

Financial Freedom

Is Joining a DSO the Right Path for You?


If you’ve recently graduated from dental school, you’ve probably been told that your best course of action is to join a Dental Support Organization, or DSO for short.

This trend is clearly growing; about 16% of young dentists age 21-34 have joined a DSO, while less than 8% of ALL dentists have joined a DSO.

DSOs provide centralized management and take care of doing most of the work outside of the clinical practice of dentistry, which can make them an attractive option for dentists who want to focus on what they’re good at instead of spending extra time learning how to run a business.

But what many dentists don’t realize is that this convenience often comes with a cost, and that cost is their financial future.

Joining the wrong DSO can prevent you from achieving financial freedom.

In order to create financial freedom, you need to own three things:

1. Your business
2. Your real estate
3. Your bank

As an employee of a traditional DSO, you are not encouraged to own the real estate

that receives rent from the practice. Most DSOs are not concerned about helping you

to acquire the assets you need to become financially free.

A Total Smile Protection Un-DSO, on the other hand, is 100% committed to helping you

acquire the business, banking, and real estate assets that you need to achieve lifelong

financial freedom.

Let’s break it down:


1. DSOs make you an employee; the UnDSO helps you to own your business.

Typically, dentists join DSOs as employees with no path to financial freedom. As an employee, you only get paid when you’re actively working, so you aren’t free to choose how much or how little you work.

You have none of the tax benefits of owning your own business, which means your income gets eaten away by taxes.

And on top of that, you often have minimum production requirements that demand that you work harder as an employee than you would if you had your own practice.

That last one often comes as a harsh surprise to older dentists who sell their practice to a DSO, only to find that they don’t have enough money to retire on, and thus end up working harder and longer hours as employees in the practice they used to own.

Instead of reducing their workload, the sale of their practice increased it!

How the Un-DSO helps you own your business:

When you work with the Total Smile Protection Un-DSO, you may begin as an employee, but in a few short years you’ll be on your way to owning your business, real estate and bank.

Our transition plan is designed to help you join an existing practice whose owner is in the process of transitioning out, so you can transition into ownership gradually over the course of several years with the help of an Un-DSO-affiliated, dentist-centric hedge fund.

This gives you a chance to learn the ropes of owning a practice before you have to actually run the business, and it gives you a pre-built patient base, so you don’t have to create one from scratch when you build your own practice.

The Un-DSO helps both the selling and buying dentist to create financial freedom, so they can enjoy the lifestyle they desire instead of being forced to work more than they want to.

2. DSOs waste your money on rent; our Un-DSO helps you gain valuable real estate assets.

Many DSOs discourage you from owning your own real estate. In fact, some require that you lease office space in a shopping center or mall.

They rarely suggest that you could buy the shopping center or mall, because they don’t want you to own the real estate that will help you to achieve financial freedom.


They want you to make your rent payments to a landlord who makes money at      your expense, instead of making your rent payments to yourself as your own           landlord who can profit handsomely from real estate ownership.

How the Total Smile Protection's Un-DSO helps you profit from owning your real    estate:

The Un-DSO encourages you to own the real estate your office sits on, and it          actively helps you acquire the funds to buy that real estate if you don’t already        own it.

To give you an example of how big a difference this can make for your financial future: reportedly, one dentist who sold his practice for less than $3 million sold his office building for more than $18 million.Would you rather retire with $3M, or $21M?


3. The Un-DSO helps you make and save thousands of dollars by owning your own bank; DSOs don’t even know that’s POSSIBLE.


The average dental school graduate has over $270,000 in debt, and takes approximately eight years to pay that debt off.During that time, they pay thousands of dollars in interest, and have trouble making other large purchases like acquiring their own practice.

Traditional DSOs do nothing to change this situation. They give you a place to work

and earn a salary, but that’s it; they don’t help you pay your debt off faster, nor do

they offer a way to turn that debt into an asset.

How our Un-DSO turns debts into assets:

Our Un-DSO helps you to create your own bank, using an asset many people

already have or need: specialized whole life insurance.

Setting up your own banking system is surprisingly easy, even if you have no

prior experience in the area, and it allows you to shift your debt from a

third-party lender to your own bank.

That way, instead of paying interest to a bank, you pay it to YOURSELF. Rather than

being an asset for someone else’s bank, that debt becomes an asset for

YOUR bank.

You can also increase your earnings by investing in an Un-DSO affiliated

Hedge Fund.


We work with a Hedge Fund that helps you to acquire your own business and real estate, and that also gives you a higher interest rate on your investments than most banks.

If you take a debt you were paying to a third-party bank at 6% interest, then turn it into an asset of your bank and invest that asset in a hedge fund that pays you 10% or more, you just turned payments of 6% interest into earnings of 10%.

If you’re still making payments to your own personal bank at 6% interest, that means you earn a net return of 4% (10% minus 6%).

Wouldn’t you rather earn 4% than pay 6%?

What if you want to grow your bank even FASTER?

You may be able to accelerate the growth of your bank by reducing or eliminating your student debt.

In the example above, if you were able to eliminate the student loan debt on which you were paying 6% interest, your bank would earn a net return of 10% (10% minus 0%) and would grow even faster.

You might qualify to have some or even ALL of your student debt eliminated, by means of sophisticated strategies and legal structures that most people don't know about.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Un-DSO can help you to get out of debt and begin your path to financial freedom much sooner than you ever thought possible, please click the button below to access our calendar and schedule a free consultation.

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