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From Enslaving Debt to Liberty Bank

How New Dentists Can Convert Their Debts Into Assets While Transitioning into Practice Ownership and Financial Freedom

When they first start working, the average dental school graduate has over $270,000 in debt.

That’s twice as much as some dentists make in a year!

With a debt load that size, you’ll pay thousands of dollars in interest, and it takes many dentists

a decade of work just to reach the point where they can afford to buy or start a practice... which

leaves them drowning in debt all over again!

There’s a faster, safer, less expensive way to get rid of debt.


Our Personal Liberty Banking System is an innovative approach that uses an asset everyone already has or needs: whole life insurance.This system will:1. Provide you with growing cash value that creates a bank you can borrow against tax-free, WITHOUT the high interest rates you’d pay to a traditional bank. This makes it MUCH easier to buy a dental practice.2. Provide a death benefit to protect your loved ones and the dentist from whom you bought the practice, just in case you die before you pay the balance of the purchase price.


With this strategy, you convert your debt from a liability into an asset.


When you borrow money from a traditional bank, that is a liability to you but an asset to the bank.


When you own your bank, the money you borrow becomes an asset of YOUR bank.  


And as long as your insurance premiums are paid, you do not have to pay the loan back.                                                         


Without this strategy, you will probably have to pay over 5% interest on your student loans and other debts.                                                         


But with this strategy, instead of paying interest, you can EARN a 15% ROI on the money you loan to yourself.                                                       


With this strategy, your net worth increases. Without it, your net worth decreases.

Imagine eliminating $100,000 of student debt within one or two years.

Now imagine converting ALL of your debts into cash assets that you can invest and double every five years.

If you qualify for our special financial program, that’s exactly what can happen.

This program requires some sophisticated legal strategies, and collaboration with your accountant and an expert in student debt elimination - but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard for you.

We’ll be guiding you every step of the way while you work with our dentist-friendly, Un-DSO-sponsored hedge fund to not only eliminate your debt, but create lifelong financial freedom as well.

Here’s an illustration of how the Personal Liberty Banking System can provide you with a path to financial freedom in five steps:

Step 1: Create a personalized plan to eliminate your student debt.

Step 2: Move all of your debt out of other creditors’ banks and into your own Personal Liberty Bank.

Step 3: Borrow as much money as you can from your Personal Liberty Bank, and put that money

into a dentist-friendly hedge fund, which is committed to giving you a 15% annual return and

doubling your money every five years.

If you pay 5% annually on the loan from your Personal Liberty Bank, while receiving a 5% growth

rate on the money in your bank, you break even instead of paying interest. Combine that with

receiving a 15% annual return on your investments with the hedge fund, and you get a 15% ROI.


If the hedge fund invests in your business and real estate, your income and net worth will grow

even faster, and you will be well on your way to financial freedom!

Step 4: Work with our Un-DSO to double the value of your practice by increasing your earnings (EBITDA) and reducing your expenses.

Step 5: If you haven't already acquired a practice, transition into your own practice with the help of the Un-DSO. After 2 -10 years, when the senior partner in the practice you’re transitioning into has achieved financial freedom and is ready to sell their interest in the practice, you will become the majority shareholder and be well on your way to achieving financial freedom.

At this point, your former employer, who will then have been your partner for over 2 years, will be deeply thankful to you for joining them on their path to financial freedom with the un-DSO.

And while they enjoy a financially secure retirement, you will have your own business, a loyal patient base, and your own path to having the freedom to work as much or as little as you want, on a schedule you choose.

Are you ready to trade enslaving debt for financial freedom?

Our Un-DSO transition and financial freedom experts will be happy to help you! Just click the button below to access our scheduler and book your free consultation.

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