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Customizing Your Un-Dso

Financial Freedom

Our Un-DSO Helps You Create a Customized Path to Financial Freedom


When dentists sell to a Dental Support Organization, or DSO, they’re often required to change the way they work in order to fit the DSO’s business model.

In many cases, these changes strip dentists of their path to financial freedom,

hurt the quality of their patient care, and cause their staff to either lose their jobs

or leave in disgust.

For example, large DSOs often move dentists’ offices into rented space (such as in

a shopping center), which prevents them from building equity in an asset they can

later sell.

By contrast, the Un-DSO strongly recommends that you own the real estate that

receives rent from your clinical practice and management company, as this not

only increases but MULTIPLIES the amount of money you get when you’re ready

to sell.

CDSO 1.png

Reportedly, one dentist who sold his practice for less than $3M sold his office building for more than $18M. That dentist surely understood the importance of real estate as part of his own Financial Freedom Formula!

We want to help you create a path to financial freedom that works for YOU.

CDSO 2.png

Instead of forcing you to configure your practice around a DSO, your Un-DSO configures your  management company to meet the needs of your practice and the other practices in your managed referral network.  


It enables you to structure your management company as a valuable business that is completely compatible with your goals for your practice, while giving you tools that will enable you to reach those goals faster than you ever thought possible.  


It guides you through the process of streamlining the transition from the dentist who’s transitioning out to the newer dentist who’s transitioning in, while helping both dentists to achieve financial freedom. 


And, through an approved Hedge Fund, you can profit from investing in multiple Un-DSO management company businesses that manage multiple groups of dental offices. A dentist-friendly Hedge Fund can enable you to profit from multiple dental practices, long after you retire from your own clinical practice.

The Un-DSO management company handles the behind-the-scenes work, so you don’t have to.

The functions that are performed best by the management company include:

1. Billing and collections
2. Human resources
3. Marketing
4. Risk management and insurance
5. Legal and compliance
6. Information technology
7. Referral network management
8. Duplicatable (franchisable) systems and processes

Where appropriate, the Un-DSO may also help you to develop new intellectual

properties that optimize the practice of dentistry, the management of groups of

dental offices, and the marketing of your brand.

We may even suggest and help you to implement franchise (or "un-franchise")

business models that enable you to attract more patients, increase the value of

your practice, and grow a large group of dental offices with minimum investment

and risk.

When customizing your Un-DSO, we help you to evaluate each scenario, explore

available options, and make informed decisions about your path to financial

freedom, so you can choose the Un-DSO configuration that’s best for you.

If you’d like us to help you create a customized path to financial freedom, just

click the button below to access our scheduler and book your free consultation.

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