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Valuation Optimization

Maximize Collections Per Patient

Get More Money Per Patient and Help Patients Get the Care They Need

Once we’ve increased your website traffic and you have a system that converts more website visitors into patients, you can maximize your profits by making more money per patient.

Dentists often maximize their profits by offering costly specialty procedures, such as implants, Invisalign or cosmetic dentistry.

Unfortunately, many patients can’t afford to pay for these services. At least, not without help.

We help patients pay for the treatments they want and need.


Our Secret Dental Marketing Toolbox includes a financing service that gives you

new opportunities to get paid for expensive procedures that many of your patients

couldn’t otherwise afford.

These systems allow you to get paid up front and in full by the financing service,

which enables the patient to pay off the debt over time in monthly installments

that they can afford.

That way, you can focus on serving patients, while the financing service helps you

to get paid for procedures that your patient could not otherwise afford.

We can provide your patients with a variety of financing platforms that meet both

their specific needs and those of your practice.

This may include installment loans and revolving lines of credit, depending on whether the procedure is completed in one visit or must be performed over the course of multiple visits.Whatever your unique needs are, we’ll help you choose and set up a financing system that’s right for you.


Our comprehensive patient attraction system helps you every step of the way.


We can help you to:


1. Create targeted marketing campaigns that attract patients in your area who need the types of procedures you provide.                                                                             


2. Bring more people to your website, and turn a higher percent of your website visitors into paying patients.                                                                             


3. Maximize your revenue per patient with a customized financing solution that enables your patient to get the procedures they need with payment terms that they can afford.

\Not only does this system help you to get more patients and more dollars per patient, but it also helps you to significantly increase your practice’s collections and profits over time.

On top of that, those collections and profits will increase your practice valuation, so you’ll receive far more money when you’re ready to exit the practice.
Ready to get started?

Click the button below to access our scheduler and book your free consultation, and we’ll discuss your needs and set you up with the best patient financing system for your practice.

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