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Do You Have a Transition Plan?

Double Your Practice Valuation

2xPV  With


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Transition Out >

  • Financially Free With

  • Three Times Your Current Practice Valuation

  • Start By Optimizing the Valuation of Your Practice!

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Transition In >

  • Transition Into Ownership  

  • Earn ownership of your practice

  • Help your partner and mentor

  • Transition Out!   

  • Optimize the Valuation of Your Practice!  

  • Transform your debts into assets.

Does your transition plan have a clear path to financial freedom for you you and your family?

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Financial Freedom

A dental career can be the path to fulfillment, a great impact on your patients’ lives, and a comfortable retirement... or it can become a trap that forces you to keep working for the rest of your life.

It all depends on your business plan.

Valuation Optimization

When you want to maximize the value of your practice with your associates (a.k.a. employees) and create financial freedom, you need to make sure that the interests of all the people involved are in alignment.

A highly effective way to do this is by creating a Managed Joint Venture, or MJV for short.

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